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Qualified Person Service

We support companies in the pharmaceutical and health industry not just when it comes to issues relating to logistics or sales. In order to allow you to comply with your obligations as a pharmaceutical company, we can offer you a Qualified Person (QP) Service in addition to our other services. The classic work process, such as batch certification and product approval or drawing up GMP audits, can be carried out by MSK or be a one-off component of the services we perform for you.

Our services at a glance:

  • Assumption of responsibility as a QP in accordance with § 15 AMG (GPA)/QP
  • Batch certification and batch approval
  • Manufacturing authorisation in accordance with § 13 AMG (GPA)
  • Audits
  • GMP documentation
in line with §13 AMG
flexibility and speed
Everything from one source
from material procurement to approval

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