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Protecting medicinal products against counterfeiting is a key issue in the pharmaceutical industry. Guidelines regarding the serialisation and tracing of products are being tied up more and more with strict legal requirements. Complying with these requirements continues to be a basic prerequisite for selling medicinal products on the market.

As a full pharmaceutical service, SaaS+ gives your company the opportunity to serialise your products according to their manufacturing or packaging in a GMP-certified production environment as required. State-of-the-art equipment and infrastructure enable us to assist you with production peaks, small batches or serialising productions from your contract manufacturers.

Make the most of this unique, comprehensive solution so your products are ready for 2019.

Our services at a glance:

  • Printing of Packages and Boxes (Batches, BBD, Samples etc.)
  • Serialisation acc. to 2011/62/EU
  • Aggregation from box to pallet
  • repackaging and rework of serialised and unserialized products
  • back-up solution for existing serialisation processes

Serialisation at item level

Data aggregation and exchange

Acc. with EU FMD / China / Russia regulations

Everything from a single source

in line with §13 AMG
100% scalable
variable costs
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