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The storage and shipping of prescription drugs, medicines available only in pharmacies as well as over-the-counter products is one of MSK’s core business activities. Our storage capacity of over 3,500 m2 has been designed exclusively to meet the needs of the pharmaceutical industry and satisfies GMP and GDP requirements. Do you want to optimise your logistics processes and improve your service to your customers? Delivery to your customers, the order picking of different types of products and more extensive service must be carried out under high quality standards, but also be cost effective. We provide the necessary expertise and the service solution that suits you and your customers best. Our services extend from the classic supply chain from warehousing through to customer service via consignment.

3.500 sqm
GMP warehouse
2° – 25° C
temperature-controlled storage
State-of-the art
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Klaus-Dieter Heß
Klaus-Dieter Heß
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Simon Heß
Simon Heß
Marketing und Business Development
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